Sunday, July 12, 2009

35 Weeks!!

WOW!! Only 5 more weeks! We can't believe how fast this has all gone! I think we pretty much have everything ready!

We had our 2nd shower in Peoria a few weeks ago and got some really nice things! Lisa, Leslie and Renee were great hosts! They threw a beautiful shower!!

We received our bedding! We were so excited to get it. We had it made and absolutely love it!! Now we just need a little baby to put in the nursery!! Brian got the new blinds hung and we bought a new rug (which Axle thinks is his new bed!!)
We took a birthing class yesterday. It was actually very informative! We learned a lot of what to expect while at the hospital. We also got a tour of the L&D floor and the rooms. They offer all private rooms which is nice!
Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th! We hung out with friends here and had a great time!!

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